Luxurious fashion brand releases penis jewelry – the prices are as crazy as the product

Luxurious fashion brand releases penis jewelry – the prices are as crazy as the product

Don’t you ever wish you could go around wearing a penis necklace with its matching penis earrings for the modest price of $1000?

Then now it’s your chance — the French fashion house Yves Saint Laurent has released a penis-shaped jewelry line, according to British site The Mirror.

Yves Saint Laurent has been around since 1961 and has dressed world celebrities and royalty over the years. But the question is; how did it end up with this product line?

The jewelry line: “Dangly penises”

The collection is named “Dangly penises” and consists of, yep you guessed correctly, dangling penises earrings and a matching necklace.

Dangly penises earrings
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Not much room for interpretation is left.

Dangly penises 2
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The necklace’s artistic message is also quite clear.

Dangly penis necklace
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Made by hand

The luxurious and sexual jewelry, made by hand in Italy, features detailed penises made from patinated golden brass.

This jewelry line also has the patented YSL mark, which explains the huge price tag.

A set of earrings will cost you a hefty $300. And if you want the matching necklace, you need to cough up another $700, so $1000 total, quite the deal I must say.

Sold out immediately

Even though I was being sarcastic, the jewelry line was tremendously successful and has already sold out.

Having a penis hanging from your necklace is not a new thing. During the Roman Empire days, people used to wear penis-shaped jewelry. According to historians, they believed it could keep evil at bay.

So if your pockets are deep enough, you can keep the evil away when these penises get back in stock.

There is jewelry for everyone! Now press the share button, so your filthy friends realize what they want for Christmas!