5 guys volunteer for a crazy pool trick shot – their reaction has the internet in stitches

Playing pool is a wonderful way to pass the time with friends, you can play one versus one, or you can play in teams. The flexibility of the sport and the fact that you can hang out close-by, even if you are not playing, makes pool a great social experience.

I love playing a few games of pool when I visit my uncle. He has a table and we always play with the family. Losing or winning doesn’t matter when you are having fun and enjoying a drink with your close ones.

A different trick shot

Even on your own, you can set up trick shots and practice to get better at it. The potential is limitless, just like your imagination.

One of the most famous trick shots specialists on the web, Florian β€˜Venom’ Kohler, partnered with some of his friends to film a special trick shot.

pool trick shot
Source: Youtube

You can sense these men have a lot of confidence in their friend, since if the trick goes wrong, well… it’s going to be painful. Don’t try this at home.

pool trick shot 2
Source: Youtube

The trick shot starts, and you can feel the nerves, but one by one, the shots are successful

pool trick shot 3
Source: Youtube

The mix of relief and happiness from these guys sure make it a wonderful thing to watch.

pool trick shot celebration
Source: Youtube

Check out the full video below!

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