Car loses control on slippery road risking fatal crash – but this man saves the day

Snow, a wonderful thing that makes winter a bit less dark and therefore, a bit more fun. Kids love to go out and build snowmen, toss snowballs at each other and even slide down small slopes on a sled. For adults, however, a very difficult part that comes with snow is the dangers of the road.

Driving on an icy road can prove fatal with a single mistake, nothing is more stressful than driving knowing you can lose control of the car at any moment. Best-case scenario you wait until the vehicle stops moving, worst-case scenario you put yours and others’ lives at risk.

Changing a car’s tire

This is what happened in our next story. A man was changing one of the tires of his truck on an icy road, knowing the dangers of this task, we can see him concentrated in getting the job done as fast as possible.


A sudden catastrophe

Everything seems to be going well so far. Until we see a driver in the distance losing control of their vehicle.

Source: Youtube

Thanks to the dashcam on the parked car, we see the vehicle approaching the man from behind, about to run him over.

snow road car
Source: Youtube

Like a ninja on the road

Suddenly, however, the man instincts kick in and he performs a miraculous jump to just barely dodge the incoming car, saving his life and everyone’s day.

Source: Youtube

It seems like he understands the amazing feat he just pulled of, as he smiles, probably impressed by his own reflexes.

Source: Youtube

The clip went viral in all social media channels, especially Reddit, where it got posted to several subreddits. Thousands of people have praised this man’s survival instincts. What an amazing individual.

You can see the whole clip below!

Fantastic! I don’t think could react as fast as he did. 

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