Historic: Feast your eyes on the world’s largest fossil poop

Pooping is one of the most natural things in life. What we eat and drink must, at some point, come out of the body, in one way or another.

When you go number two, you just want to flush it down and move on with your life. Trying to ignore the details of what just happened.

But the fact is that fecal matter is a fantastic subject of study. A great example of this is the Lloyds Bank Coprolite, which is the world’s biggest, and most valuable, fossil poop, according to The Vintage News.

The Lloyds Bank Coprolite is no ordinary shit. It was discovered in York, England, under the renowned Lloyds Bank’s building, during an excavation in 1972. According to archaeologists, this “stool” dates back to the ninth century.

Huge fossil poop

One of the reasons this old poop has attracted many researchers’ attention is its mass. This fecal log measures about 8 inches long and has a diameter of over two inches. Quite surprising, considering humans were much smaller back then.

The stool’s size means several different studies could provide new information due to how astonishingly rare it is to find such well-preserved human poop.

Most archaeologists have established that the fecal snake belonged to a real Viking from that era. Containing meat, pollen, grain, and lots of worms and parasites. Which makes sense considering the poor diets people followed back then.

Worth about $40,000

When the owner of this Viking poop was alive, it was quite common to have stomach parasites. Researchers know that people from back then often suffered from severe stomach pain and diarrhea.

Because this turd is so unique, its value has risen to an astounding $39,000. Making it the most expensive fossil poop in the world.

Today, you can look at it in person at the Jorvik Viking Center in York, England.

fossil poop
Image source: Wikimedia Commons

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