Lifestyles: Mother recreates fancy celebrity photos – in a realistic way

The mother of two, Laura Belbin, has become an online phenomenon thanks to her Instagram account Knee deep in life, which now has over 513,000 followers.

But how did she get so famous? You might ask. Well, this woman dares to show herself without any filters—something rare and refreshing in today’s materialistic world.

Laura’s Instagram focuses on recreating celebrities’ “perfect” photos on social media. However, she does it without filters, artificial lights, or a ton of makeup—and things end up hilariously out of shape.

However, that’s her goal, as she has previously said. She wants people to know that what you post online doesn’t always have to be without flaws.

We are only humans—it’s normal to live surrounded by problems, worries, and defects.

Laura proves that you don’t have to be skinny, fashionable, or look like a supermodel to be happy.

We are who we are, and we should embrace it. The breasts may sag, our asses can be flat, and our stomachs can be a bulge. It doesn’t matter.

Everyone has their problems, but the way this mom jokes about it is absolutely inspiring!

She has set a (very healthy) trend online, with others like Celeste Barber jumping in.

Recreating celebrity pictures

I laughed so hard when I first saw her pictures that I was crying. Laura surely is a comedic genius!

Check out her latest posts! Not only are the photos hilarious, but you also get some motivation from the text included!

Talk about being free from stereotypes! Just what I needed to make my day! What an inspiring woman!

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