Lifestyle: Man lives on beer for 46 days – loses 44 pounds

Drinking a cold beer after a hard day of work on a warm day feels like heaven. To sit in the sun and let that vitamin D do its thing while you sip on that delicious golden liquid – who wouldn’t love that?

You wish the moment would last forever, but it’s just not feasible to drink all day for several reasons.

However, a man from Cincinnati has done what we mere mortals can only do in our imagination.

His name is Del Hall, and he survived by ingesting nothing but beer for 46 days. But here is the kicker – he lost 44 pounds during his new diet, according to Ladbible.

From March until April, Del Hall had nothing but beer. The inspiration for his odd diet came from 18th-century monks in old German Bavaria.

Awesome benefits, according to him

Del lost weight by only consuming beer for 46 days without cheating once during his innovative diet.

“I’m feeling great! I went from 292.5 to 248.5. I lost 44 pounds. Not a single cheat! I plan to continue to lose weight through a protocol of intermittent fasting and portion control.” said Del to Ladbible.

The beer-drinking will continue

Del works, believe it or not, in a beer factory, and his love for the drink is as strong as ever despite spending over a month drinking it.

“No, I really love beer, and I will never get tired of beer. So when I ate my first meal after the diet, I washed everything down with a beer,” says Del.

The diet consisted of water in the mornings, then ingesting between two and five beers during the day.

“The first beer usually goes down in the afternoon, but for the most part, I drink at home during the night,” he said.

Doesn’t recommend it

Although the diet was successful for Del, he doesn’t recommend others to try it.

“No, I would not encourage others to try. There are probably other, better ways to lose weight that are also healthier,” Del said.

The food Del missed the most during his diet was sushi.

What a legend! Even though beer is fantastic, I wouldn’t be able to give up food!

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