Passengers don’t understand a thing when the flight attendant starts slapping at the overhead compartment

Flying is not a fun activity. However, the rewarding sensation we get from discovering new continents, cities, cultures, and food is one of the greatest. This outweighs the horrible feeling of sitting in a cramped chair with no legroom for hours.

Some may sleep most of the flight, and others may put up with it by listening to music, watching movies or just thinking about life.

The goal is getting the time to pass as fast as possible.

However, what if this dreadful and monotonous process became a joyful memory instead? Well, this was the case in a plane in Germany not too long ago – the clip from the event has amazed millions of people online.

Flight attendants starts clapping

Yes, the passengers aboard a plane from Condor Airlines were part of a flight they will never forget. One of the flight attendants is checking the luggage compartments before takeoff – but suddenly she starts smacking the door with her hand with some sort of rhythm.

flight attendant
Picture: Youtube

She does it repeatedly, creating a kind of melody – and it doesn’t take long before singing, clapping and dancing fill the entire cabin.

Everyone is drawn into the atmosphere slowly but surely, the energy keeps increasing.

Picture: Youtube

The German band “Voxxclub” happens to be in the plane, heading to Blumenau to celebrate the world-famous Oktoberfest.

band singer
Picture: Youtube

The musicians, the flight crew and most of the travelers sing the song “Rock Mi” and the atmosphere onboard turns into something I’ve never seen before. Incredible!

flight attendant
Picture: Youtube

What would be have been a regular, boring flight, became something completely different!

How planned the clip is – of course, it’s difficult to guess, but it was definitely not a spontaneous idea. The video is filmed from several angles in a well-planned manner, so there was obviously some preparation.

However, even if planned, it still feels very genuine – and I hope this happens next time I’m in an airplane! What a wonderful atmosphere and performance!

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