Research suggests: Women should go on vacation with their girlfriends more often – there are several health benefits

Regardless of how happy you are with your life and career, occasionally, you need a break. Recharging your batteries, letting go of anxiety, stress, and tension; these steps are vital to be able to keep the same pace and effectiveness in your busy life. A fresh start can make it or break it for most of us.

When you have a family, however, things get tricky, because even during a vacation you are working by taking care of your kids. But what about a weekend trip with friends? Well, according to Shareably, a new study has discovered that a short vacation with your pals is great for your health.

You love your family; we get it, but think about it, our social life outside your home is very important. You need to have fun, break the routine, and catch up with friends. In fact, according to Harvard’s Women’s Health blog, having a social life is as important as a good sleeping schedule, a healthy diet, and exercising.


Makes you live longer

The study shows that people with a busier social life feel happier. According to the survey, these same people have fewer health problems – which in turn means a longer life.

Lacking close ties with people outside your core family can raise your stress levels, which increases health risks.

“Investing in relationships”

The study found that the levels of oxytocin in the body rise as we interact with friends and acquaintances. Oxytocin is a substance that counteracts negative emotions such as anxiety and stress.

The higher the levels of oxytocin in our bodies, the more generous, friendly and happy we feel. Therefore, social interaction is a double positive for our health.

“Having close friends does wonders for you, so invest time in your relationships and make yourself happier,” psychologist William Chpopik advised Shareably.

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Vacation with your girls

If you take a trip with your family, it’s hard to enjoy it fully while having the responsibility of being a mother, despite it being a vacation. Therefore, Dr. Mehmet Oz recommends traveling with your girlfriends instead.

According to Forbes magazine, women who travel often with their girlfriends are more relaxed, cheerful and have better love relationships.

Different studies have shown that this applies to men as well, but the difference is much higher in women.

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So even though it may seem difficult to get some time away, it can be important for the whole family. Just book that long-awaited weekend trip with your girlfriends!

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