Women lose 3 hours of sleep each night thanks to men, according to science

The heatwave on America and Europe doesn’t give rest, and many people struggle to get a good sleep. It’s sweaty and frustrating – sleepless nights can drive anyone crazy.

It can be extra tricky if you share your bed with someone – and many do. Especially women, who have a harder time sleeping because they have a man next to them at night, according to a recent study.

In a new study, carried out by the company Bensons for Beds, researchers surveyed over 2,000 British couples. The conclusion: women lose a full 3 hours of sleep every night – mainly because of their male partners.

men sleep snoring

That means 1,095 hours per year or 45 full days without sleep.

So not only women have to deal with the heat, mosquitoes and the kids. Their husbands also take hours away from the much needed and deserved sleep time.

Snoring is a common problem

One in three women in the study admitted that they woke up at least once a night. This, compared to the fact that only one out of five men gave the same answer, as well as 50% of the women in the study claiming that they felt “constant sleep deprivation”, raised concerns among the researchers.

The women gave different explanations of what they thought was behind their lack of sleep, but one in four thought it was because their partner was snoring.


Helen Nunn, from Bensons for Beds, said, according to Ladbible:

“Lack of sleep – can affect so many aspects of our day-to-day lives.

It’s worrying to see that this research has found women are getting less rest and feeling more tired than their male counterparts.”

Some time ago we wrote about a pillow that can help you stop snoring. So if the problem is just that, there are solutions!


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