This 48-year-old woman has the world’s biggest butt

Everyone is born on this planet as a unique individual. We all have different surroundings, interactions, and overall experiences throughout life.

Every person is beautiful in their own way, and that contrast is what makes the world such a colorful and lovely place.

Individuals who get away from what many consider “normal” deserve our respect. It is a scary thing to do. But some choose to embrace it and even made a career out of these unique lifestyles.

One of these people is Mikel Ruffinelli—the woman with the world’s biggest butt.

Image: Youtube/Reel Truth Documentaries

Mikel Ruffinelli lives on the West Coast with her four children and husband, Reggie. So far, nothing stands out about her life, but this 48-year-old is a world record holder.

Enjoys her life

With her hips measuring around 8 feet in circumference, she has the biggest behind on earth. It becomes extra remarkable as Mikel’s height is only 5’3.

Image: Youtube/Reel Truth Documentaries

In the series Reel Truth Documentaries, she talks about her life.

“I’m extreme. I have an extreme physique. I love my curves, I love my hips, I love my attributes,” says the 48-year-old, who seems to be enjoying her life.

Image: Youtube/Reel Truth Documentaries

There is also no doubt that she enjoys her gigantic butt, even if it presents some challenges.

“To stand up, walk by small spaces, sit down. There are a few challenges,” says the 48-year-old.

She can’t fit in a normal car

She earns a living primarily as a life coach and as a model—but when the 400 pounds mother of four has to move around the family house, she has to step sideways in several places to get around as the corridors are not wide enough for her.

Image: Youtube/Reel Truth Documentaries

It is also impossible to close the shower door—and Mikel, who consumes around 5,000 calories daily, cannot fit in a regular car.

“I have my tricks,” she says cheerfully about these obstacles.

Image: Youtube/Reel Truth Documentaries

As the holder of the world’s largest butt—she has to use a bathroom for the disabled, due to the bigger space.

Loves her huge ass

She also always brings a special chair from home, as public seating can’t always offer the space she needs.

 “I mainly look for places where I can actually sit.”

Image: Youtube/Reel Truth Documentaries

I have to say it’s wonderful that Mikel is such a happy person and seems to enjoy his life so much. Her big smile is a testament to her good life. In any case, it puts me in a good mood—and it’s also clear that she loves her huge asset.

Image: Youtube/Reel Truth Documentaries

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