Jenna, 21, gets turned on from living like a dog

Jenna, 21, gets turned on from living like a dog

As you get older in life, gain new experiences and try things out, you eventually learn about the kinks you like inside the bedroom.

A few people might love the feeling of latex & leather. Some like to stick to the basics, while others like very wild things for their sexual satisfaction, which is perfectly okay.

As long as everyone involved is an adult and they consent, you can do whatever you want to make your intercourse more pleasant.

Ever since 21-year-old Jenna Phillips was little, she enjoyed dog play. But as time passed, Jenna realized that it also brought her sexual pleasure.

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Eating food from a dog bowl and wearing a leash is probably something most people wouldn’t care for.

However, not Jenna Phillips. The 21-year-old from Texas, instead, gets sexually aroused by doing dog play—and has become filthy rich in the process.

Loves to wear a leash

For Jenna, pretending to be a dog was a usual way to play during childhood, like with most kids.

But when she grew up, she thought something might be wrong with her, as she continued to enjoy dog play as much or even more. But then, she learned that this fetish (people living like dogs) is quite common.

Then Jenna began to dive deeper into it. To the point where wearing a leash and eating food from a dog bowl on the floor was part of her routine.

Earns over $10,000 per month

As Jenna spent more and more time living her fetish, she also dared to show off her new lifestyle online.

It turned out to be a stroke of genius, as Jenna quickly gathered thousands of followers—who turned out to be willing to pay to see Jenna live her fantasy.

Today, Jenna regularly posts pictures and short clips of herself living like a dog, while her followers have to pay a small amount to see her doing more risky content.

Today, Jenna earns around $10,000 per month, which helped her resign from her job as an optician to focus on her new “career” full-time.

“It’s insane. I never thought my weird dog kink would be looked at by a broad audience, or that so many people would like/care about it. It still blows my mind,” Jenna told Vice.

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