Heartwarming: Hero introduces his wife to the gorillas he rescued

Gorillas are some of the most fascinating animals in existence. They are incredibly expressive and extremely intelligent. These mammals can also develop very strong ties to humans and are said to have a larger emotional range than most other animal species.

The genus of terrestrial herbivorous primates is originally from Africa. But in many places around the world, they also live in captivity.

However, several organizations work incessantly to release these gorillas back into the wild, or at least a more fitting environment.

They don’t belong inside a cage!

A man who has devoted a large part of his life to protecting the rights of these gorillas is Damian Aspinall. He runs The Aspinall Foundation.

One of the things he is most passionate about is fighting for gorillas living in captivity, so they are released back into the wild, Honesttopaws writes.


In 2013, he successfully reintroduced two gorillas into the wild – Djalta and Ima.

The gorillas his wife

They were living in a European zoo, but after fighting for their freedom through The Aspinall Foundation.

The gorillas were finally moved to a large nature reserve in Gabon, where they now live a much better life. While also being protected from poaching.

gorillas free

Four years later, in 2017, Damian and his wife Victoria went to Gabon to try to find the two gorillas. Damian wanted to introduce them to Victoria but didn’t know how they would react.


After several hours of traveling, they managed to find Djalta and Ima, who seemed to be doing quite well!

A 6-minute clip about the visit has now been watched over 13 million times – and the end is absolutely fantastic. I could not keep myself from laughing out loud!

What wonderful and intelligent animals! It surely worms the heart to learn their story!

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