Two men run into traffic to save little kitty from being killed

Animals, we love them and can’t live without them. My wife gets mad because I want to pet every creature we cross paths with, which makes our afternoon walks take much longer than they should.

The unconditional love an animal can give helps us come overcome depression, sadness, loss or even sickness. We as humans crave affection and company, and animals provide more than enough. It just feels wonderful to have this constant source of positivity and cuteness running around your home.

You could say that animals save us. And in today’s story, we see that people can also save animals. It is not an exclusive thing, after all.

Saving the kitty

It was a normal day for Quentin Leroy, a man from Belgium. He was riding his bike home from work when he suddenly saw something in the road, out of the corner of his eye.

Youtube / Reazenn

You could hear his reaction once he realized what it was.


He immediately parked his bike on the side of the road and rushed back to where he saw what made him stop. On his way there he met another man with the same goal in mind. Together they stopped incoming traffic while rushing towards what was laying on the road.

Kitty 003
Youtube / Reazenn

It was a kitty! We’ll call her Loulou since that’s what he called her (Loulou is a diminutive word used for small pets in Belgium I assume).

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Poor Loulou, she was scared, tired and alone in the middle of the road. She certainly seemed like she had spent a few of her 9 lives already.

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A close call for Loulou

After successfully picking her up from the road, Quentin had a relieving conversation with the other man. From what little French I could understand, Quentin explained that he’s allergic but would still try to get her to safety. The other man said that he would take her and Quentin thanked him.

Youtube / Reazenn

It’s heartwarming to see how much both individuals cared about the little creature. And one of them was even allergic!

They are heroes in my eyes, an example of kindness and humbleness. Check the full video below!

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