David, 53, has an addiction to sausages – and nothing can stop him from eating them: “It’s my drug”

Having a guilty pleasure is one of the things that makes us humans. For most of us, that fantastic treat that we give ourselves helps us tackle our responsibilities, or lets our minds relax at the end of a long day.

For some is the first cup of coffee, for others is their favorite chocolate snack. We all have at least one thing, and it’s okay, as long as you can handle it and use it for your benefit.

Of course, there are plenty of dangerous addictions, and they work the same way as our little “motivators” but on a much larger scale.

People get addicted to different things, but have you ever meet someone who is addicted to sausages?

That is the case for Englishman David Harding.

I’m always a bit lost in the morning. I take a while to get started, but after the first cup of coffee goes down, I can almost feel my engine starting up. Sure, it is a form of addiction, but I think I have it under control. Coffee is delicious – and I drink it even when it’s decaf.

Seeking help

Of course, there are things far worse: Gambling, smoking, drugs, etc. An addiction is an addiction, even if you keep it under control – you have to watch out, so it doesn’t turn into something troublesome.

Someone whose “harmless” addiction went wrong is David Harding. However, it isn’t any of the usual addictions – but something I have never heard or seen before.

This 53-year-old man from England had to seek help in 2011 due to his crippling addiction… to sausages. He couldn’t keep his hands away. Despite trying to get help from psychologists, therapists, and even hypnotists, David couldn’t stop.

On a regular day, he could, without problems, devour 13 sausages with bread, mashed potatoes or scrambled eggs. How he is doing today, seven years later, is unclear.

“My drug is a banger”

Since the age of 5, this London resident hasn’t lived a single day without eating at least one sausage. But he only noticed his addiction in 2010, when his wife, Susan, cooked something else for dinner.

“I genuinely cannot bear the thought of living without sausages,” he told the Daily Mail in 2011. “Drug addicts crave their medicine of choice, and it’s the same for me – except that my drug is a banger.”

guilty pleasure

David, an accountant, talked about how the idea of living without his favorite food drives him insane.

“I went a bit mad at the thought of it. It threw me completely off-track. It was then that I realized something wasn’t quite right and sought professional help,” David said.

After he had spent over 2,000 British Pounds (roughly $2,500) on all sorts of treatments, nothing worked.

The snack addiction story

However, experts have told him that the addiction is not physical.

“Apparently, I just like sausages – plain and simple. I don’t see that there is anything wrong with that, but I do think that I have to look at ways to control my urges.” David Harding said.

His story got massive coverage in 2011 – and the strange addiction became famous all over the world. We can only hope that David overcame this hurdle after that – and that he is living a healthier and happier life!

Of course, it is good to have one or two sausages every now and then!

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