Eating sausage every day can help you lose weight, according to research

The Paleo, The Duncan, The Atkins – there are many famous diets that people have tried over the years to lose weight.

Some work, some don’t – but all of them require a lot of effort from those looking for a healthier life. It is often a challenge, and it is not always possible to stick to the strict guidelines.

However, now there is a new diet that many of us will surely be able to adopt.

How does eating sausages every single day for a whole month sound?

The answer might be strange, suspicious, and stupidly delicious. But a doctor, as well as his study subject, claim this actually works, and you can lose weight and lower your cholesterol, Fox News reports.

Drinks only beer

The patient’s name is Evo Terra and he ate nothing but sausages for a whole month. Sounds too good to be true? Wait – it gets even better.

lose weight
Image: Flickr

The only thing he drank was beer.

After this unconventional regime was completed, the man from Arizona claims he lost 7 kilos.

Lose weight the easy way

The doctor, Terry Simpson, prescribed a diet that required Evo Terra to eat only 1,500 calories a day. This corresponds to 2 large sausages and 5 beers.

beer and sausages diet
Image: Pexels

According to his doctor, a man the size of Evos burns about 2,100 calories a day. This will leave a difference of about 600 calories, which will be taken from his body’s fat reserve. So what he’ll be burning fat as well.

In an interview with Fox News, Evo admits to also taking vitamin supplements – but both he and Dr. Simpson seem convinced this 1-month diet is something that really works. The patient has even done it several times already.

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