21-year-old gets a topless spray tan – but makes one awkward mistake

Pandemic or not, summer is finally here! That means longer days and relaxing evenings watching the sun go down while enjoying our break.

It is time to go to the beach, play, swim, and enjoy your new tan. However, most of us have been locked up all spring inside. So it’s probably a good idea to get a head start on that long-awaited tan.

That was what Colleen, 21, was thinking as she was pre-tanning for the oncoming season—but now her mistake has made thousands online laugh out loud, including herself.

A spray tan is when you get sprayed over the skin with a liquid containing various substances that make the skin darker.

Image source: Twitter

Didn’t take off her panties

Spray-tan is very common for teenagers and young adults. So Colleen, a college student from Arizona, wanted to look tanned for the summer and headed to an airbrush tanning studio.

When you get a spray tan, however, there are a few things to consider, such as what to wear.

The easiest is to be as naked as possible for the color to stick everywhere, but if you do not want to undress completely, you can always leave the underwear on. But then it is important to check that your panties of tighty whities have no patterns or open fabric. Otherwise, you’ll get marks from the spray.

Which is exactly what happened to Colleen.


“…anyway this is what my ass currently looks like,”  the 21-year-old wrote in a tweet showing her spray marks with the pattern containing the brand “PINK” multiple times.

Hundreds of thousands laugh with her

Colleen, who is not afraid of exposure, has made hundreds of thousands (including herself) laugh out loud with her mistake.

“I got the spray tan from one a former co-worker who happened to have an airbrush tanning studio in her house. I remember thinking like, ‘Oh my God, I can’t let anyone see me naked for like at least a month,” she told Tyla.

Image source: Twitter

I bet Colleen will think twice about what she wears the next time she goes for a tan!

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