Louise puts up an ad selling her washing machine

People love to post pictures of their stuff, animals, and themselves on social media.

Some have no filters, and everything they do goes online for public viewing. It feels pretty strange—do they not want any privacy at all?

Some, however, leak intimate details online—without even knowing it.

Yes, if you post things from your life online, it is essential to know that you have complete control of where the information goes and who gets to see it.

Can easily create reflections

We have previously written about people who forgot to check their surroundings before taking a selfie—and the same principle applies when sending pictures to, for example, your parents.

It is vital to review your photos and videos before releasing them to the public.

Mirrors, windows, and other glossy surfaces can provide a wider angle than you expect, revealing details you didn’t intend to show in the picture.

That was certainly the case for a woman named Louise. In good faith, she posted a photo of her new washing machine online, which she did to encourage others to buy from the same brand.

She missed a revealing detail

However, it did not go quite as smoothly as she had planned.

Here is her review of the product and the accompanying image. Something in it made thousands online laugh out loud.

Can you see what it is?

Photo: Twitter / @ markmilligan01

If you zoom in and look for reflections in the image—it becomes easier.

Photo: Twitter / @ markmilligan01

Now you are guaranteed to see it!

Louise took the picture wearing only panties and nothing else.

As she directed the mobile camera away, the idea that she included herself in the picture never crossed her mind. But unfortunately, the reflection had other plans for this viral picture.

It revealed the naked truth—much to the delight and laughter of many.

However, you do not see much of the woman’s face, so determining who she is will not be easy. She could consider herself lucky—no one would ever want to make such a mistake.

At the same time, it is suitable proof that you should be careful about what you post online. Right? Now press the share button below so your friends can be more cautious too!