24-year-old model puts a hidden camera in her back pocket

Taking a second look at someone you think is attractive is a natural thing that most people probably do.

It doesn’t have to mean anything special. After all, humans are animals, and it is embedded into our DNA to seek a compatible mate, wherever it may be.

However, it is essential to be polite and not stare too much, as it can be unpleasant for the other person. Although sometimes it’s difficult to take your eyes away from someone you find super attractive.

Being noticed while staring is seldom fun, but the reactions from our story today are incredible!

Alexas Morgan is a 24-year-old model who has over four million followers online. In other words, she’s used to getting looked up and down when she goes out.

Puts a camera in her back pocket

But Alexas wanted to know how often men looked at her from the back. So she put a camera in her back pocket and went for a walk around town.

Image source: Instagram

“Now we’ll see how many looks my ass gets,” says Alexas in a clip that spread like wildfire online.

As looks go, she gets enough for a few lifetimes.

Men can’t look away

Men have a really hard time keeping their eyes on control when Alexas walks past them. Several jaws hit the floor as they see the model.

Image source: Instagram

On her walk, Alexas goes to what appears to be a grocery store as well as a sports bar.

Image source: Instagram

A man even goes down on his knees to get a better glimpse of Alexa’s buttocks. Although he should take the opportunity to find Jesus.

Image source: Instagram

Here you can see the whole clip, which is now a viral hit online!

The reactions online have been astounding!

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