Andrea makes millions each year thanks to her unique butt

Do you work your ass off every month to barely make it through the month? Yes, unfortunately, this is the case for most people around the world – as the average salary is about $300.

On the other side of the coin, however, some lucky ones get to earn huge sums of money and live a luxurious life with minimum effort.

Thanks to social media, having a unique skill, personality, or attribute, can net you a massive salary. Just check out Andrea Abeli’s story, for example.

If your job feels boring and you happen to have an extraordinary butt, it is time to drop everything and make it rain with your behind!

Yes, your personal gold mine might be around the corner. Andrea Abeli ​​used to work as a web designer. But that was before she realized how much money she could earn by becoming a model on Instagram.

Had several surgeries

The 35-year-old, who lives in Romania, now claims that she earns over 1.2 million pounds ($1.65 million) per year, writes The Mirror.

Every post will net her between $500 and $5,000. All pictures are from Andrea’s glamorous life – which takes her all around the world.

But what is her secret? You might ask. Well, her exceptionally big ass. It has fascinated millions all over the world – and even though several operations have been done on her thick behind, her followers still obsess over her.

Andrea also believes that her honesty has helped her shape her success.

“I am blunt about my plastic surgeries. I’m always trying to combine humor and sex appeal to make entertaining content,” she said, according to

Andrea sells exclusive pictures

The 35-year-old has many different types of pages.

But followers can also pay £5.72 per month – around $8 – to access more exclusive material at her Onlyfans.

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