Joke: Spoiled 19-year-old bombshell creates chaos on airplane – but 6 words from the pilot leaves her in panic

Everyone can have a bad day. You have a hard time getting things right, and it seems like the universe is conspiring against you. This is absolutely normal and happens to all of us from time to time. 

However, most of it is in our heads. The frustration turns into a distraction and continues to get in our way if we don’t try to cheer up.

An excellent way to relax is to read a funny story or joke! They almost always get me in a good mood. Sure, it may be a bit childish, but that’s the whole point.

Usually, I’m not crazy about blonde jokes. Suggesting that someone’s appearance affects their intellect is pure nonsense. Still, I must say that this little joke was an exception because it really made me laugh out loud.

I showed it to my SO earlier today. Both she and I have blond hair, but we agreed the ending was absolutely hilarious. It is wonderful to find the humor needed to cheer up on a difficult day!

Especially when a story is fictional and has nothing to do with reality. My guess is that you too will like it – and I hope you get a good laugh!

A large plane is flying from Los Angeles to Chicago. One of the flight attendants walks to a 19-year-old blonde model sitting in first class and asks to check her flight tickets.

“Your ticket says economy class, miss. Please go back to your seat,” the flight attendant says kindly.

19-year-old refuses to move

19-year-old from the story has nothing to do with this picture
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The confident woman answers with an attitude:

“I’m blonde, I’m good-looking, I’m sexy, I’m on my way to Chicago, and I’m not gonna move from this seat!”

The flight attendant tried a few more times, but without success. So she asked the co-pilot for help, but he got exactly the same answer:

“I’m blonde, I’m good-looking, I’m sexy, I’m going to Chicago, why would I move? Stop wasting my time!”

So the co-pilot went back to the cockpit and asked the captain what to do.

time to fly
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A whisper in the blonde’s ear

“What kind of passengers are they?” the captain wondered.

“A blonde, younger woman,” the co-pilot said.

“I’ve got this,” said the captain. “I’m married to a blonde and know exactly how they work!”

He walked to the 19-year-old, leaned forward, and whispered something in one of her ears.

The captain’s comeback

The model, after listening carefully to what the captain said, quickly got up and ran back to her seat in economy class – all while mumbling to herself:

“Why did they not say that from the start?”

The flight attendant and co-pilot were in shock. Of course, they immediately asked the captain what he had whispered.

The captain’s answer:

“Nothing much! I just told her that first class is not heading to Chicago.”

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