Dirty joke: Mom gets furious after realizing 18-year-old daughter is pregnant

Today, we see our favorite media channels plastered with tips and tricks for a healthier life. Diets, exercises, routines, etc.

Of course, it is good to treat your body well and to exercise from time to time. However, most people forget the perhaps most important ingredient for a long and happy life – laughter.

Life is too short to go around worrying about the little things – it’s much better to use your time trying to laugh and smile. As Charlie Chaplin once said: “A day without laughter is a day wasted!”

That’s why I thought it’d be good to start this new year with a bit of humor. The following joke always gives me a laugh! It’s one of my favorite ice breakers.

Emma, 18, was in her final year of high school, getting ready for the end of the year. She was now in her last semester, which meant she had to decide what to do with her future.

“I’m pregnant, Mom”

One day, Emma came home and asked her mother, Sarah, to speak in private.

They sat down in the kitchen, and Emma took a deep breath before she spoke.

“I’m pregnant, Mom.”

Sarah couldn’t believe what she was hearing, her eyes were wide open and she couldn’t calm down.

“WHAT?! How could this happen?!” she exclaimed.

Not emma, pregnant
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“It happened during a school project…”

Emma looked nervously at her mother and tried to explain.

“Well… It happened while working on a school project for our Life Orientation class. We were experimenting with how life begins. You know how children are born and such,” said Ida.

“Okay… I see where this is going. But who’s the father? We must contact him at once Emma!” 

Her daughter, with a regretful look on her face, answered:

“I don’t know mom, it was a group project…”

The end is a bit NSFW, but it always makes me laugh!

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