Awareness Campaign: Woman hides camera between her boobs

Humans are animals, and as with any other species, we have strong natural instincts. Centuries of development after our evolution have created social codes to guide us. Of course, this is a good thing, as many people would suffer if we were only driven by instinct.

However, keeping your eyes off someone else is really hard sometimes. Regardless of gender, the body wants what the body wants. We often fixate our sight on those we are attracted to. It can be a body part or just the general vibe, either way, it’s hard to look away.

Whitney Zelig, a 29-year-old woman, took advantage of this to push a good cause. She put a hidden camera between her large breasts for a clever campaign advocating for other women to check their breasts for cancer. Reports the Ladbible.

We have all experienced it. The stares of other people we come across in public.

It can be in the city, at work, at the gym, or in the grocery store. Wherever you go, people might look at you for one reason or the other.

Hides a camera between her breasts

But 29-year-old Whitney Zelig took advantage of the constant stares to promote a good cause. She hid a small camera between her breasts and went out for a walk in the middle of the city.

hidden camera 01
Image source: Youtube

The camera caught many people checking her breasts out. And it wasn’t only men, people of all ages and genders took a peek and locked eyes with the camera.

Image source: Youtube

Some were more discreet than others.

hidden camera 03
Image source: Youtube

But they all had one thing in common, both men and women.

Image source: Youtube

No one could keep their eyes off her breasts.

hidden camera 05
Image source: Youtube

To raise awareness

But Whitney did not go through all this trouble just to get attention. She actually wanted to raise awareness about breast cancer and encourage other women to check themselves regularly.

“Ladies, don’t forget to check out your own breasts too!” it says at the end of the clip, which Whitney uploaded online.

See the whole thing below!

What a noble cause, and a creative way to raise awareness!

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