Big-chested woman hides a camera between her breasts

Humans are animals, even though our intellect is highly evolved, we still fall under the same category as the other species living on this wonderful planet.

Millenniums of development have separated us from our primate ancestors, which of course is has given us the tools and knowledge to pursue our dreams and goals without having to worry about our basic instincts taking over.

However, fighting against these instincts it’s sometimes hard, regardless of how much control we have. Among all of them, sexual attraction is the most difficult to suppress.

When we meet a potential partner, reason goes out the window and it’s a miracle if can avoid fixating our sight onto them.

We all know this, and someone has now used this for a good cause. 29-year-old Whitney Zelig, after installing a hidden camera between her breasts – has helped launch a campaign to remind women to check their breasts for cancer prevention, reports Ladbible.

We all know them. The looks from other people we come across in everyday life.

It can be in town, at work, at the gym, or in the grocery store, wherever you go, people will look at you even if you think your appearance is pretty normal.

Hides a camera between her breasts

29-year-old Whitney Zelig, however, took advantage of this fact, for a good cause. She put a hidden, small camera between her breasts in a low-cut sweater and went out for a walk around town.

hidden camera
Image source: Youtube

As expected, the camera did, in fact, catch plenty of individuals looking at her breasts. People of all ages and sexes were fixated on her assets.

natural instincts
Image source: Youtube

Some were more discreet than others.

Image source: Youtube

But they all had one thing in common, both men and women.

They couldn’t keep their eyes off her breasts. As the camera revealed.

hidden camera photo
Image source: Youtube

Debate to create awareness

But Whitney did not go through all this trouble just to get a few looks on the street. She wanted to spark debate about breast cancer and encourage other women to check themselves out.

At the end of the clip, you can read: “Ladies, don’t forget to check out your own breasts too!”

See the whole clip below on her Youtube!

What a smart publicity stunt! An unusual, yet effective way to spread some much-needed awareness!

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