Health: This bracelet gives you an electric shock – if you eat too much candy

Eating candy or other junk food was a rare (and wonderful) event when we were kids. As adults, however, we are now in control of our candy destiny. We decide when, how and what we eat. The sky is the limit!

However, this awesome freedom comes with its own risks. Sometimes it is impossible to keep your fingers away from the cookie jar, the candy stash, or even the Domino’s Pizza quick phone dial.

Trying to follow a diet without candy or fast food rarely works. It usually ends in broken promises, tears, and guilt. But worry not, there is a bracelet that’ll help you put a stop to whatever vice you have – and it’s shockingly effective, reports 9gag.

The bracelet goes by the name Pavlok and was developed to help people stop their bad habits, whether it is smoking, fast food, or candy.

A shockingly good bracelet!

Apparently, the bracelet works by measuring your pulse when you are in the middle of the habit you want to get rid of. So when it senses a similar state while you are trying to stuff your face full of candy, for example, it gives you a shock.

The shocks will eventually create an unwillingness to continue with bad habits, helping you stop them for good.

shock bracelet
Image source: Youtube

Good for all bad habits

The Pavlok bracelet will not only work for your mild candy-addiction. According to the company, it can also help with things like compulsive shopping-sprees or smoking, for example.

“Pavlok is your natural and lasting solution to quitting smoking, nail-biting, hair touching, negative thinking, procrastinating, eating sugar, and more. Pavlok is the wearable device that releases a mild electric stimulus to help you break bad habits and change your life,” the company wrote on its website.

However, getting rid of your bad habits comes with a hefty price of $179.

stop eating candy
Image source: Pavlok

Here is a clip with the bracelet at work!

This is perfect for people with a bit too strong of a sweet-tooth or other bad habits that need to be taken care of.

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