Dirty Joke: 87-year-old Samantha asks the doctor to save her sex life

One of the most enjoyable things in life is to laugh. It releases endorphins which make us happier and more pleasant to those around us. Some say that the key to a long life is to eat right and exercise a lot, but I bet laughing regularly is just as important.

However, it’s hard to laugh thanks to the current situation, being stuck inside while the summer is knocking on the door is anything but funny. However, there’s always a way to find good humor, even when everything around us is going to hell.

Dirty jokes may be a bit childish since they are usually vulgar and uncomfortable. Their punchlines are oftentimes embarrassing. However, I find them hilarious – they might provide the extra push we need to laugh during these difficult times!

Give a chance to today’s funny story, it might put a smile on your face!

Samantha, 87, lived with her husband, Robert, 89. They had been married for over 60 years and their marriage was as strong as ever. However, in recent years, Samantha was noticing a big decline in their sex life. Robert had trouble getting it up. Samantha tried everything she could, but nothing worked. As her options ran out, she finally consulted a doctor about it.

“Slip some Viagra in his coffee”

Samantha confided in the doctor about her sex life and told him she didn’t know what to do with their “little” problem.

The doctor, after thinking about it for a minute, asked:

“Have you tried Viagra?”

“That’s completely out of the question, he’s never even taken an Ibuprofen,” replied Ingrid with dismissal.

The doctor thought for another minute, then his expression became that of a determined man.

“That’s it, all you need to do is give him some “Surprise Viagra”!

“Surprise Viagra? What on heavens is that?” Samantha wondered curiously.

“Quite simple honestly,” the doctor answered, “just crush some Viagra as much as you can and slip it in his morning coffee. It has no taste so he’ll never know. Call me in a week and tell me how it went,” said the doctor.

“Samantha had a nightmare”

The following week, the doctor got a call from Samantha to report the results.

“Well, I’m guessing it was a success?” the doctor asked happily.

“Well, I slipped the Viagra in his coffee as you told me, and his eyes started shinning immediately; he stood up, ripped off all his clothes, knocked everything off the table, and made love to me on that table like he hasn’t done in decades. It was a nightmare,” Samantha said.

“A nightmare? I thought that’s what you wanted.” wondered the doctor, now confused.

There was silence for a few seconds before Samantha talked again.

“Yes, it was amazing. I felt like I was young again… But now we can’t go to our favorite coffee shop anymore!”

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