Dirty Joke: Little Michael sees his dad with the nanny โ€“ and it all escalates from there

It’s challenging to understand how things work in politics. Congress, the government, committees, city councils, law and order, and so many other things. Who does what? When and how? It’s a very complicated topic, especially for kids.

The father in this fictional, funny story, tried to explain some of it to his little son, but like everything related to politics, it would come back to bite him in the ass the next day.

I laughed out loud at the end and immediately felt that I had to share this hilarious joke with you!

Little Michael comes home from school and sits down at the kitchen table. Soon his dad also shows up, and while setting up the table, he notices his son is deep in thought.

“Is everything okay, Michael?” he wonders.

“Dad,” he answers. “I need to write an essay for school. Can I ask you a question?”

“Of course son. Ask away!”

“How do politics work?”

“Politics comprise five major sections”

“Well, son, look at it this way. Politics comprise five major sections: 

  • The people
  • The government
  • The economic power
  • The future of the country
  • The working class.”

After a while, trying to wrap his head around the topic, Michael says:

“Dad, I don’t understand. Can you explain more?”

“No worries son, after all, it is a complex matter. I’ll use our household as an example.” He says.

“Think of it this way: I am the one who earns the money, so I’m the economic power. Your mother administers and uses the money, she is the government. We look after your needs, you are the population. We want the best possible future for your little brother as he is the future of the country. Lastly, think of your nanny as the working class.”

“Do you get it now?”

“I think so, thanks dad!”

Michael sees dad and the nanny

The kid kept thinking about what his dad said. That night, Michael woke up to the cries of his little brother. He went up to see what was wrong and discovered the baby had taken a massive poop, and it was everywhere. 

The boy goes into the parents’ bedroom looking for help, but his mom was snoring away. Unable to wake her up, Michael tries to go tell his father, only to see him having sex with the babysitter in the guest room. Angry, he gives up, washes his hands, and goes to sleep.

The morning after

The next morning, Michael says to his dad:

“Dad, I think I have a good grasp on how politics work now!”

“That’s great, son! Why don’t you explain it to me in your own words?”

“Well, you see,” says Michael. “While the population gets absolutely ignored, the government is asleep and completely useless. The economic power keeps fucking the working class โ€“ all while the future of the country is covered in shit up to its neck!

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