Dirty joke: Punk girl asks old man if he ever did anything crazy

Dirty joke: Punk girl asks old man if he ever did anything crazy

I’m going to start by being honest and admitting that I’m not really into any punk or emo style.

I’m quite picky with my clothes and always keep my hair up because my skin is a bit sensitive, which makes my style center around comfy clothes.

So when I see someone wearing black leather clothes with cone spikes and a punk mohawk, I admire their dedication. I certainly wouldn’t be able to wear something so uncomfortable.

The funny (fictional) story below is about a teenage Punk girl who tries to put an older man in his place. However, without revealing too much, I can say that this grandpa’s quick comeback made me laugh out loud!

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Many younger people probably think that their elders are just friendly people who can no longer fend for themselves. Unfortunately, young blood doesn’t understand that with age comes experience and wisdom.

Anything they say or do—an older person has already seen and heard thousands of times.

Of course, this also applies to arguments!

She should have left the old man alone!

punk girl
Source: Pixabay. The person in the picture is unrelated to the story.

A daughter tells the story of when she went shopping with her father…

“I recently went with my father to the mall to get a new pair of sneakers. My father is 73 years old, but his spirit is still very young.

“We got something to eat while we were there. After sitting down, I noticed my dad staring at a teenager seated across from us.

“She had a rainbow mohawk. You could see so many bright colors—green, blue, orange, yellow, and red.”

A lightning-fast answer

My dad kept staring at her until the Punk girl noticed and told him sarcastically:

“What’s the matter, old man…never done anything crazy in your life?”

When I heard her say this, I quickly swallowed the food in my mouth because I knew where this was going—I didn’t want to choke after hearing his answer. Unfortunately for her, my dad has no filters.

As expected, he replied without an ounce of hesitation:

“Yeah, one time I got high and fucked a parrot. I was just wondering if you were my daughter…”

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