Wonderful: 10-year-old girl asks her Gramps for a dance

Wonderful: 10-year-old girl asks her Gramps for a dance

Seeing the whole family is not a common occurrence, especially with corona still around. It may happen once or twice a year at important events or celebrations.

This distance makes the time we actually get to spend with those we love a magical thing. The kids get to have fun with their grandparents, and the adults share a drink while they catch up with the rest of the family, a memorable experience.

Having fun with the other family generations is wonderful. The clip below portrays this feeling perfectly.

Ten-year-old Maeve and her 72-year-old grandfather performed together at a party for friends and family.

Gramps was quite agile

Playing with their grandchildren makes anyone feel a little younger in body and mind. Still, the grandfather of today’s story turned out to be agile as a teenager.

It all started when Maeve kindly asked her Gramps to enter a tap duo in her summer recital. According to Youtube user Jamie J, who is also the mother of little Maeve, she wanted to dance with him. Of course, Gramps loved the idea!

gramps and tap dancing
Image source: Youtube

Can’t help but to smile when you see the dance

Six lessons later, they performed together in front of family and friends—and the result of their training was awe-inspiring. It certainly puts a smile on your face!

When they first step onto the dance floor, everything seems pretty normal. However, when they turn to face the audience and the music starts, it suddenly becomes something extraordinary!

family fun
Image source: Youtube

Now check out the heartwarming clip below—and above all, keep an eye on Grandpa at the end!

What an incredible dance team! Gramps turned out to be quite agile after all!

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