3 fabulous men in high heels walk onto the stage, only to make the whole crowd go nuts

My most treasured memories from school are the plays, shows, and events in which we, the kids, took part. It always happened in the school halls, with our parents being the audience – and I remember that everyone loved the experience.

Recently, television programs with the same basic idea have become a pinnacle of today’s television. America’s Got Talent, The Voice, The X-Factor, and Eurovision are the best places for newcomer artists to get known worldwide.

Seeing talented people at the begging of their journey is wonderful!

Britain’s Got Talent is just as famous, if not more. Over the years, many stars have emerged from this show, and today they travel the world displaying their unique skills – and I think most of us enjoy seeing others succeed.

An impressive choreography

In this wonderful clip (below), which has over 33 million views, these three guys Yanis, Arnaud and Mehdi are about to enter the stage. And no one expected the show they were about to witness.

men dance in high heels

These men are wearing high heels, but at the top, you can see they are rocking a normal white shirt and bow tie. However, once the music starts, their performance takes off – and with their unexpected tribute to the Spice Girls, they put on an amazing choreography.

These guys got the moves – and they leave the jury speechless, with a smile from ear to ear during the whole show. The audience goes wild, and it’s like the excitement never stops rising.

men dance in high heels

Of course, they will go on to the next round of BGT – and I bet their careers will take off quickly, after all, even the jury stated that their dancing skills were 10 times better than any woman that has been on that stage before them!

And while wearing high heels!

Now check out this fantastic video! Talk about confident, talented and fabulous men!

[arve url=”https://youtu.be/zOVPlw_QC1o” title=”fabulous dancers ” /]

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