Adam sets up cameras to see where Celina goes at night

Sleepwalking is something most people stop doing after childhood. However, it is not rare if it happens from time to time when you are an adult. For Celina, however, it has never stopped.

Several nights a week, she gets up and embarks on adventures of various kinds. Her boyfriend, Adam, got the idea to set up cameras around their home to immortalize his girlfriend’s nightly journeys.

The resulting clips have made millions laugh – blowing up on social media. As a result, Celina has become one of the most popular Youtubers/Tik tokers.

When your brain sleeps, all logic goes out of the window, and it can dream very unexpected and funny things.

Celina and her boyfriend Adam are pretty familiar with this situation.

“I remember dreaming of a pool party”

In a clip, which over 33 million people have seen since they uploaded it to TikTok, you can witness Celina’s nonsensical sleepwalking journeys.

In the clip titled “I remember dreaming of a pool party,” we see Celina walking into the kitchen while she’s mumbling something we can’t entirely make sense of.

She grabs a bunch of beers from the fridge and then goes out into the garden, probably to invite her thirsty pool party guests to a cold beer.

Celina sleepwalking
Image source: TikTok

A passer-by can hardly believe his eyes when he sees Celina.

Check out the whole clip here!


I remember dreaming about a pool party

♬ original sound – CelinaSpookyBoo

Sleepwalking for hours

Once Celina sleepwalks, she can do it for several hours at a time. Sometimes her boyfriend Adam has to come to the rescue and make sure Celina doesn’t leave the house.

We can see an example of this in the clip, which received over twelve million views in just two days.


This was taken from 2 hours of footage. Adam is a real trooper

♬ original sound – CelinaSpookyBoo

You’ll understand why several million people laughed heartily at her antics when you see the video.

Here is a slightly longer compilation with several of Celina’s sleepwalks.

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