Adam wonders where his girlfriend goes every night – so he puts up cameras and captures her sleepwalking adventures

Sleepwalking is something that, for most people, it stops when they reach adulthood. Of course, it could still happen once or twice every few years. For Celina Myers, however, the sleepwalking never stopped.

Several nights a week, she goes up (still asleep) to embark on a new adventure. Her boyfriend, Adam, decided to set up cameras around their house to immortalize his girlfriend’s sleepwalking endeavors.

The result: millions of people laughing throughout social media – you’ll understand once you take a look at the videos below.

When you sleepwalk, logic usually goes out the window, and anything can happen.

Celina and Adam, a Canadian couple, know this better than most people.

“Dreamed of a pool party”

In a clip that has been seen over 40 million times since it was uploaded to TikTok, you can witness the absurdities that go on when Celina sleepwalks.

In the video, which is entitled “I remember dreaming about a pool party,” we can see Celina walking to her kitchen as she mutters to herself.

Once in the kitchen, she grabs as many beer cans as possible. She then goes out into the garden and tosses each of her pool party guests a cold beer—such a lovely host.

Image source: TikTok

A passerby can hardly believe his eyes when he sees Celina.

See the whole clip here!


I remember dreaming about a pool party

♬ original sound – CelinaSpookyBoo

Sleepwalking for hours

Once Celina starts sleepwalking, she can go on for hours. Sometimes, her boyfriend, Adam, has to come to the rescue and make sure Celina doesn’t walk too far away.

An example of this is in the next clip, which received over twelve million views in just two days.


This was taken from 2 hours of footage. Adam is a real trooper

♬ original sound – CelinaSpookyBoo

Once you see these videos, you understand why millions of people find her antics hilarious.

Here is a slightly longer clip with a compilation of Celina’s sleepwalks.

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