Inspiring Video: Mika goes for a cold and refreshing winter swim

There are simply not many things more refreshing than going for a swim on a hot summer day. In addition to cooling off, it’s great exercise! However, a swimmable lake is a hard thing to come by in most populated areas of America.

The Nordic country of Finland is called “the thousand lakes country” for a reason – they have an incredible amount of water and thus incredible swimming opportunities.

Most of us prefer to swim during the summer, but some like to test themselves against the cold winter and jump into the water even when the temperature drops below 32°.

Mika Sagulin, from Finland, is one of these stubborn souls who choose to defy the freezing temperatures and swim anyway. But a certain detail in his latest bathing trip has made millions laugh.

The last dip of the year is usually a pretty cold experience and something you do a little more as a test than an actual activity. Especially during the winter, as Mika Sagulin can attest.

A cool winter swim

In a clip that Mika uploaded to Facebook last week, you can see him preparing for what looks to be the last swim of the year in a beautiful lake.

winter swim
Image source: Facebook

But just as he is about to dive into the seemingly icy water, the clip takes a very unexpected turn. We are not going to reveal everything. Check the clip below if you want to find out.

When you see the clip, you’ll understand why it has become such a viral success. The video has been seen almost two million times, and most people find Mika’s wonderful “bath” absolutely hilarious!

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