It appears nothing is wrong here, but can you see the problem?

As human beings, we must rely on our brains to interpret and react to all impressions. But every now and then, the mind can be easily fooled, especially when facing a problem designed to do so.

When you end up in front of a riddle or optical illusion, it is often the case that we think or perceive something that is not the whole truth. However, that is the charm of these challenges.

Maybe that’s why they’ve become quite a hit online. Honestly, it is pretty fun to test yourself against friends and family and see who can come up with the answer first!

With that said, not many people can solve the next challenge on the first try. If you give yourself some time, the solution will eventually come to you, but let’s add a time limit to make things more interesting.

See if you can solve it in under 20 seconds!

Can you find the problem?

Below you have a number sequence between 1 and 53. However, two numbers are missing. The challenge now is to find them!

I actually could not find them in time during my first try – and neither did most of my colleagues! Now it’s up to you to prove yourself more skilled!

Can you see where, in the image, is the problem?

find the problem

As I said, most of us didn’t make it on the first try, but after going through the sequence of numbers once again, I finally saw which two numbers were missing!

Here is the correct answer

Below the next image, we present the solution in two separate pictures!

the first number

The first number missing is 11.

the second number

The second number that is missing in the sequence of numbers is 32.

If you noticed the problem on the first try, that the numbers missing were 11 and 32, you passed the test!

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