Now you can send anyone a big chocolate dick – perfect for Valentine’s day

Valentine’s day is at the door. Admittedly, it’s not as big as some other holidays in America. But it is still a great opportunity to share a romantic experience with your other half.

The usual things involve dinner, spa, or a hotel night – but why not think a little outside the box for once?

If you feel like it, you can take a cheeky opportunity and send a chocolate penis to your loved one, reports Cosmopolitan.

Behind the NSFW idea is a company with the very graphic name Dick at your door.

The company was founded by Adam Hascall in 2014 when Adam and his friend made a chocolate penis which they then sent to their friends as a joke.

9 inches of chocolate dick

The chocolate penis is available in both light and dark chocolate. It is 9′ long, has a circumference of 7′, and weighs about 4 ounces.

valentine's chocolate dick
Image source: Dick at your door

For about $35, the penis can be sent to whoever you want. It comes with a personal card, where you can choose from a selection of small rhymes to best convey your message to the receiver.

Not to be used as a sex toy

On the website, however, they carefully point out that, even if it looks imposing, the chocolate dick is meant for eating and not used as a sex toy as it risks breaking.

Ten percent of all the company’s revenue is donated to research on prostate cancer. So not only do you get a good laugh from the recipient, but you are also supporting a good cause. So it’s time to tell your loved ones to eat a big fat penis.

chocolate dick
Image source: Dick at your door

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