22-year-old diver tries to have sex with giant clam and is rushed to hospital in serious condition

When going out to explore nature, it is important to be careful. Your safety is not only up to you anymore – you must respect all animals, plants, and insects that live on your destination.

In my opinion, it’s important to not overdo it with plants and animal life if you are not very experienced. We, humans, are probably too used to the comforts of modern society to understand the dangers of exploring nature unprepared. At the same time, it is a fascinating world to venture out into. The sea, jungles, mountains, every place hides a lot of exciting things to discover.

That is why it is also extremely important that we take care of the environment. So that future generations can also enjoy nature, and discover all the fascinating places that it offers.

We can’t confirm the authenticity of the next story. But the fact that it has been covered so thoroughly – and the richness of its detail makes us believe it may very well be true. But this is a warning, take it with a grain of salt.

Well – not everyone thinks they should be respectful to the natural kingdom. So I hope they’re not surprised when karma strikes – as it did for Sean Madison. Who had to be rushed to the hospital Ka’u in Hawaii after making the biggest mistake of his life.

Clam nature
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This 22-year-old and his friend were out on the sea doing some free diving, as they usually did during their time off. But suddenly, Sean decided to do something very, very stupid, reports WDNR.

Sex with a clam

He found a huge clam while diving – and stuck his penis inside. Yes, this horny lad tried to have sex with the giant mollusk, you read that right. Minutes after, however, Sean was suffering from breathing complications, vomiting, extreme swelling and low blood pressure.

He was immediately transported to the nearest hospital.

Clam nature

The doctors concluded that the intimate interaction with the clam triggered his severe fish and seafood allergy – while also exposing Sean to high levels of arsenic.

The man’s condition became stable after some procedures. He confessed it all started as a joke while free diving with his friend Thomas Meyer.

“It was just a joke at first. My friend was filming so I wanted to impress him and put my dick into the clam, but then it just wouldn’t let go,” he told local reporters. 

Never seen anything like it

Furthermore, the diver admitted to still being hungover from the night before, when this happened – and believes that it affected his judgment while diving.

“It didn’t hurt or anything, it felt warm and cozy inside the clam, but I was afraid my oxygen reserves were getting low,” he said.

Clam nature
The divers in the picture have no relation to the story.

It wasn’t until Sean finally managed to get his penis out of the clam that he noticed the allergic reaction. The doctor who treated him said he has never seen a case like this during his 22 years of service.

“Allergies to seafood are fairly common and usually occur after ingestion of fish or shellfish, not after sexual intercourse with shellfish,” he told local reporters.

A similar incident happened recently at the Waikiki Aquarium in Hawaii. After a diver stuck his head into another giant clam – and then proceeded to lose consciousness. Don’t worry, though, he was eventually rescued.

The conclusion we can draw from this is probably that one should leave things in the sea and nature alone. Look, but don’t touch. Don’t try to insert your body parts into, for example, sea life – use the power of common sense. This is what it’s there for.

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