Airline repaints all their planes but miss an embarrassing detail โ€“ that shows when the doors open

Sometimes an idea may seem fantastic at first. But after the execution, it turns out that all the people involved missed an essential detail because they were tired or too excited about the project. It happens to the best of us.

However, I’m astonished that everyone from the design and logistics teams at Thomas Cook airlines missed a vital detail in the new airplanes’ look โ€“ because things did not go as intended.

Having a creative job means having a lot of different ideas, some good and some not as good. And as with anything creative, there might be points of view, interpretations, and possibilities that escape the creator and become something else entirely.

The idea they decided on

When the airline Thomas Cook was to redesigning their planes’ exterior, ideas bounced back and forth. In the end, they decided “I ๐Ÿ’› Cook’s Club” with the heart representing the word “love” and the message advertising their hotel chain sister company.

After the decision, the company proceeded with the repainting of all their planes displaying the above message. So far, so good.

Airline new design
Image source: Twitter

The minor detail no one saw

However, they missed a small detail โ€“ the planes are equipped with doors. And when they open, the cheerful message turns into something completely different. Everyone that speaks English can understand what I’m saying.

The hilarious idea
Image source: Twitter

There it is! The idea turned into a message that is as much unintended as it is hilarious. I wonder why no one saw it coming.

Millions of users laughed with the airline’s small creative mistake after noticing. Fortunately, the airline itself can see the error with good humor.

“Well, if nothing else, an excellent way to highlight where the emergency exit is,” a spokesperson jokingly told Ladbible.

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