Andrea earns $1.4 million yearly – with her huge ass

With the social distancing going on (or quarantine/isolation for some) – It’s hard to make it to the end of the month with the economical backlash that this pandemic is posing for our country.

Yes, a very unfortunate situation, especially for those living on minimum wage – but maybe this is a chance to turn it around, some people earn millions without having to leave their homes.

Here at The Laugh Club, we understand the current situation means life or death for many families around the world. That either lost their jobs or sunk their savings into hospital bills. If you find yourself in a stable situation and your budget allows it, please consider donating to a coronavirus charity of your choice.

Most internet personalities have a unique talent, something that usually goes unnoticed for years. But all it takes to bring their new career to life is putting themselves in front of a camera. Like it happened to Andrea Abeli, the protagonist of today’s story.

Hopefully, her success will inspire you.

Yes, there is a gold mine around the corner waiting for you. Andrea Abeli ​​worked a normal office job at a web designing company. However, that was before realizing how much money she could make thanks to Instagram.

Had several surgeries

Now this 35-year-old, who lives in Romania, claims that she earns over $1.4 million yearly, reports The Mirror. That means between $500 and $5,000 per Instagram post – which has taken her to every corner of the earth.

What is the secret then? Well, her exceptionally big butt. It fascinates millions around the world – and although there are several operations behind her huge rear, her followers obsess over Andrea.

Andrea also believes that her honesty helped her with her success.

“I am blunt about my plastic surgeries. I’m always trying to combine humor and sex appeal to make entertaining content,” she told

Andrea has an extensive gallery

The 35-year-old has many sponsors, but followers can also pay $6.99 – for exclusive content – at

Below you can see some of Andrea’s Instagram photos!

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