Atlanta school gets complaints from troubled parents that consider their childrens’ teacher “too sexy”

Patrice Brown is a fourth-grade teacher in Atlanta. Like all teachers around the world, she takes her job seriously and spends a lot of time making sure her students get the best possible education.

The children greatly appreciate their teacher’s efforts and love to be under her guidance. However, the school’s principal was surprised when he received numerous complaints from the parents of said kids.

The reason? Patrice is too sexy.

What you look like, of course, shouldn’t matter, as long as you can do your job well. And being happy with your appearance in a place where you spend 40 hours a week can make the difference between good and bad work.

But a bunch of parents from Atlanta have filed complaints with their kids’ school after pictures of Patrice went viral online.

“Patrice is too sexy”

The parents are worried that Patrice’s looks will distract the students and stop them from focusing on their textbooks.

The parents’ main complaint is that Patrice wears tight clothing at work.

But Patrice pays no attention to the haters. Instead, she continues to dress for success and put all her efforts towards her students’ education.

Hundreds of thousands of followers

Patrice has gained a huge following online since her story went viral.

As a result, over 280,000 people follow Patrice’s life as she posts updates on her Instagram every day.

Patrice takes good care of the children, so as long as she keeps doing her job properly, it’s up to her what to do with her private life and her looks.

It’s unclear if the principal has or will take any action after the complaints.

What do you think? Should Patrice dress more conservatively? Or is she doing the right by not paying attention to these angry parents?

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