Finally there’s an organization for everyone who really hates coriander – with more than 280,000 members

We all have a particular food that we can’t eat, no matter what.

For example, I have a hard time eating licorice – and that can put me on the spot during celebrations like Christmas and Easter. The mere thought of chewing on it makes my skin crawl.

Something quite common to witness is people’s hatred of coriander. “It tastes like soap” is often what they say – and the reason for that hate may be due to genetics.

A major advantage of the development of the Internet (for good and bad) is that finding groups, in sites like Facebook for example, with people who share specific interests and opinions has never been easier.

Tattoo with a coriander theme

Are you one of those who hate coriander?

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Then there is a “support group” on Facebook – with over 279,000 members. It’s called “I hate coriander” and has gathered people from all corners of the world with a common passion: their unrelenting hate for the plant.

In the group, people share tattoos, pictures and other things related to their disgust towards the herb.

Picture: Facebook / I Hate Coriander

The group was created by Jack Bailey from Australia, reports Ladbible. Since then, the group grew so much that it started selling merch such as t-shirts, bottle openers, and stickers.

A gene controls the taste

I think you understand the gist of it – every single one of their products displays in some way a message of disgust towards coriander.

I hate coriander
Picture: Facebook / I Hate Coriander

When 23andMe conducted a survey of 50,000 participants on about their taste and thoughts towards the herb, it reached the interesting conclusion that there seems to be a gene in our bodies that determines whether we love coriander or think it tastes like soap, writes the site.

In other words, it might be something out of our control. Therefore, this is a question that splits humanity right in the middle – those who love coriander and those who hate it.

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