Can you find the mistake in this image? Then try challenging your friends!

If there’s something that everyone can enjoy, it’s good ‘ol brainteasers. This allows you to exercise your mind by solving challenges like crossword puzzles, sudoku, and even playing board games with your family and friends.

Personally, I like to look for new tests online. There are millions of puzzles you’ve never seen before on the internet. Riddles, visual puzzles, memory trials โ€“ yes, the sky is the limit.

Therefore, I thought I would invite you to a fun brainteaser today!

When the days become shorter and the cold sets in, there’s nothing better than cuddling up under a comfy blanket with a warm cup of coffee. It is pretty easy to just turn on the TV to find a new Netflix series to binge-watch. However, it is essential that we keep our brains in shape so we don’t feel all tired and sleepy after a long day of work.

Can you find the mistake?

Otherwise, there is a risk that it will wither away far too quickly, like any other muscle.

Earlier today, when I looked around the web, I found a puzzle that I think was quite clever. It really made me reflect โ€“ to solve it, it’s crucial to have an eye for detail. I sat for probably 2-3 minutes before I came up with the correct answer.

Therefore, I also asked my co-worker Alex if he could figure out the answer, but he couldn’t, despite several tries. I must admit I felt a bit proud of myself after realizing it wasn’t such an easy task.

Now we’ll see if you can find the mistake!

Can you succeed in solving this puzzle, where the task is to find an error?

Find the mistake

Did you come up with the solution?

Either you find it right away, or you need to sit on it for several minutes. That’s usually the case.

Need a clue?

If you need a clue, I can hint that you shouldn’t just focus on the number sequence. Other parts of the image may also be relevant.

Did you find the mistake now?

Otherwise, is time to wrap things up โ€“ below, we’ll show you the answer.

puzzle solution

Yes, the solution is that there are two “the” in the question itself. The number sequence is but a mere distraction โ€“ there is nothing wrong with it. However, the problem is the question itself โ€“ there is no need for two “the” in a row.

Nevertheless, this mistake is quite hard to spot โ€“ don’t you agree?

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