Dirty joke: John sees his friend’s wife without panties

I am the kind of person can take most things with humor. Sure, some topics you might want to steer away from, but at the same time, I think jokes and funny stories can help us cheer up and take our minds of the current situation. During this pandemic, I’ll take as much help as I can.

I know, however, that some topics are more delicate than others, for example, jokes about infidelity. It’s something that no one should have to go through – not only does it destroy relationships, it also leaves long-lasting scars in the victims. However, with fictional stories, you can focus on the humor without worrying about someone getting hurt.

When the story is not based on true events, there’s no harm!

That’s why I had a good laugh with this story! Some may think it’s a bit much, but I find these kinds of situations quite funny.


A married couple joined another in their house for a double date, after dinner, they were playing cards while having a few drinks.

John accidentally dropped some of his cards on the floor. As he crouched under the table to pick them up, he saw that his friend’s wife, Rachel, was not wearing any panties under her dress.

The price is $1,000

Surprised – and excited – by the sight, John bumped his head on the table. He was very flustered.

Right after, John went to the kitchen to get another drink and calm down, to his surprise, Rachel followed him. 

With a smug look on her face, she asked:

“Did you see anything under the table you liked?”

“Yes… I did,” John stuttered.

“Well… It can be yours – but it’s gonna cost you,” Rachel said.

John, with a curious, yet concerned look on his face, asked for the price.

Her answer: “$1000”.

A few days later, at noon, John brought the agreed amount to Rachel, they went upstairs and had amazing and passionate sex for 3 hours. Then John, with a big smile on his face, left.

Did John tell him everything?

Rachel’s husband came home from work a few hours later.

As soon closed the door, he asked:

“Honey, did John come by today?”

Surprised and quite shocked by the question, Rachel answered:

“Yes, he came by a while ago.”

“Did you get the $1,000?” Asked her husband.

Rachel, now sweating bullets, was sure her husband knew everything – and that John had exposed their deal.

“Yes… I got the $1000…” she admitted with a look of defeat on her face.

“That’s great!” The husband replied cheerfully. John came by the office this morning to borrow that money and said he would give it back to you after lunch. I must say, it’s nice to have good friends that you can trust!

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