Gift ideas for Christmas: Chocolate shaped like your anus

Giving away a box of chocolates around Christmas is a tradition in many states. You usually give chocolate to colleagues, friends, and family members. It is a nice gesture that shows that you are happy to have them in your life.

In addition, everyone can appreciate some good chocolate. Right?

But how much will they appreciate the chocolate? Perhaps we shouldn’t speculate – but now you can make sure they do by paying $39 to make a chocolate mold of your anus.

But which company pulled this idea out of their ass? You might ask. Well, behind it all is Edible Anus, reports the site 22 Words.

“From the anus straight onto the face”

This chocolate company was founded by the British artist Magnus Irvin.

He has previously created cakes shaped after celebrities’ faces and poop-themed postcards. The butt chocolate is his latest creation, but it was not a completely smooth process.

When Magnus first got the idea for the butt chocolate, back in 2006, the only person he could test it on was himself.

“I laid on my back with my legs in the air and poured it down my ass but it flowed from my ass straight down onto my face,” said Magnus Irvin to 22 Words.

The Edible Anus was first shown at an exhibition in London. The exhibition was very popular and Magnus met a Dutchman interested in the idea, so they decided to make the chocolate anus into an actual store.

Looking for models

When Magnus Irvin did not succeed in using his own butt, he decided to look for someone who would dare to be his “model”.

A woman he started talking to on a bus ended up volunteering for it. Every chocolate produced afterward has had her anus as a template.

chocolate anus
Image source: Youtube

Now you also get the chance to have chocolate molded after your own anus, it costs $39, but it is certainly worth it.

“Unique luxury chocolate”

“This luxury chocolate is unique and manufactured entirely in the UK. Watch Grandma’s face light up as she unwraps a homely selection of chocolate cracks. The perfect gift for all the family.” Says Magnus Irwin on the company’s website.

Below, you can see a clip of this unique chocolate experience:

This may not be for the whole family, but it’s still pretty hilarious!

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