New challenge: Can you find the watch that stands out?

In recent years, I have started to spend more time doing brainteasers. I love solving Crossword puzzles, Sudoku, find the differences, riddles, and anything else that can give my mind a good workout.

That might be one of the reasons my head feels sharp and fresh even after a long day at work. In my opinion, healthy habits have become essential now that technology does almost everything for us.

It doesn’t matter if the puzzle is easy or hard. The important thing is that you actively use your brain – and it obviously never hurts to polish your problem-solving skills.

The next visual puzzle is an excellent example of something that can provide a much-needed break from Social-Media and Television. Just mindlessly staring into a screen all day is very tiring, and you might need to stimulate the brain for a bit to get back on track.

Which watch stands out?

Solving optical illusions, riddles, or visual puzzles requires your brain to cooperate with your eyes. Pushing your senses will help you find the answer faster.

According to Mambeemost people are not able to solve this problem within 10 seconds. I barely made it, but it is actually not as simple as I thought at first glance.

There are 3 wristwatches in the next picture. Your task is to see which watch stands out. There is a specific detail that is vital for you to solve this puzzle.

which watch stands out?
Mambee / N365

Did you see the detail that makes one of the watches stand out? It is, as I said, a small one – but if you find it, the answer is yours!

Well done if you did

Most people can’t find it within 10 seconds, if you did, congratulations are in order.

If you didn’t, don’t worry, take as much time as you need, and look carefully. There’s no rush.


Below, you’ll see the answer!

watch solution
Mambee / N365

The correct answer is that watch A stands out!

Why? Well, the numbers 6 and 12 have been swapped!

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