Thieves try to mug innocent old man, only to find out he’s a former pro-boxer

Retirees, people further ahead enough in life to live from their savings or pension. They have worked, served, and done their part for society. It’s thanks to them that humanity has survived. They can finally “hang the gloves”, sit back, and relax. We should always be thankful for their service!

Respecting them is the least we can do as the younger generation – and nothing grinds my gears more than seeing people giving up on our seniors who have given everything they had to keep society afloat.

I have no sympathy for thieves, it’s never a good solution to take things they want or need from others, and if they get caught, I feel nothing for them. However, when someone steals from old people, they cross a line, and my blood just boils! There is a special place in hell for them. Who would steal from an old person who can’t defend themselves?

People displaying this kind of disrespect for the elderly deserve the worst of punishments – at least in my honest opinion.

A retired boxer

Over 400,000 people have seen the 2 drunks in the clip (below), trying to mug an old man at night – and the satisfying events that followed.

old man retirees

They intended to steal from this old Russian man, according to Exomatrix TV, however, it would prove a much harder challenge than they first thought.

They didn’t know that this small and defenseless-looking man was a retired boxer. Therefore, he was more than capable to respond in kind to these two criminals – and of course, it didn’t go as they expected!

A skilled old man

The old man still had it! He turns the tables around in a matter of seconds.

old man

Check out his amazing skills! These scoundrels will remember that night for the rest of their lives!

This old man gave these thieves exactly what they deserved! 

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