Kids are funny: 4-year-old calls 911 with a hilarious problem

Teaching your little ones how to act in case of an emergency is very important because you never know when an accident will occur.

Children must know who to call and what to say if they need help, no matter the situation.

But since children are naive, things can sometimes go wrong – like when a 4-year-old boy made a call to 911 after coming across what he thought was a big problem.

A youtube video shows a rather unusual conversation between a little boy and a 911 operator. The boy had learned from his parents where to call when something scary happened.

4-year-old calls 911

The boy calls 911 and explains to the operator that he had a big problem in his hands and needed immediate help. Which of course put the worker on alert.

But when the man asked what the emergency was, he soon realized that this call was different than usual.

Operator, the photo has nothing to do with the video
Image source: Pexels

Help with math

There was no actual danger behind the emergency call, as it seems the child was looking for help with his homework.

The operator, impressed by the situation, kept the conversation going to make sure there was no danger on the other side of the line. As it is standard procedure.

After conversing for a while with the kid, and even trying to help him with his math, the operator confirmed the kid just wanted help with his homework. But then his mother can be heard, mortified in the background, realizing what her son was doing. Hilarious!

kid calls 911
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“I didn’t mean the police”

The two-year-old’s cute mistake has now made thousands laugh out loud. The clip has already been seen over 6.5 million times.

Watch the hilarious clip below.

What a cheeky little boy. He sure knows his way around words – even if this time he took things a bit too far!

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