14 pictures that prove shopping with the wife is a nightmare for all men

Men are wild beasts by nature. Always pushing the limits and getting into dangerous situations when in a group.

However, there is one thing that scares us more than any wild animal or extreme sport. Of course, I’m talking about shopping with a female. That eternal wait at a store, not knowing what to do anymore, just wishing for the horrors to be over.

With that in mind, here are 14 pictures that prove that shopping is the ultimate torture for all men!

Of course, it is not always that bad, but the pictures below speak for themselves! I could not help but laugh when I saw this and realized how much I could relate!

1. Man down! I repeat, man down!

2. Contemplating his life choices…

3. The poor man is melting into the chair!

4. He was so excited he fell asleep!

5. Wives tend to get lost in Costco!

6. At least he has something to cuddle!

7. Underwear on sale. Men’s worst enemy

8. Looking fresh!

9. I can feel his pain!

10. “I hope she’s done soon…”

11. It’s not his first rodeo

12. What can a man do, but sleep?

13. His life is flashing before his eyes

14. *sad music*“Why must we suffer?”

Many of you can probably relate to this!

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