17 weird inventions that never made it big

Few things are as exciting as a new invention. This process or item you didn’t know about before becomes a big part of your everyday life—and after a while, you can hardly live without it.

During the 20th century, many important inventions emerged that are now part of society. The TV, computers, and smartphones are some of these great innovations.

At the same time, over the years, there have been some less successful attempts to revolutionize the world. With that in mind, here are 17 of the most bizarre inventions known to man—which, unsurprisingly, never really took off.

1. Today, we have several ways to deal with a hangover, but this was the “hangover mask” back then…

Source: canyouactually

2. This portable sauna was supposed to be a hit at the time… 

Source: spoki

3. The baby window cage was never a success despite its early adoption by people worldwide

Source: mind-exchange

4. An asphyxiation hazard similar to the relatively popular shower cap…

Source: Pinterest

5. Okay! I must admit that I’d give a motorized surfboard a try!

Source: bored.com

6. A back brush with rearview mirrors. I wonder why this was not a success…

Source: HistoryDaily

7. Motorized roller skates—why not?

Source: amazfacts

8. “The Baby Suspender” was not a success either. Thankfully

Source: Heavy

9. Pedal skates. Maybe the predecessor of roller skates?

Source: Crack two

10. This must be the more counter-intuitive brush I’ve ever seen in my life

Source: Distractify

11. This one is not that bad—I’m guessing the problem is how uncomfortable it must be

Source: Chaostrophic

12. Today, we have all the entertainment we want in our pockets—but in the past, someone thought a “radio hat” had a lot of potential…

Source: New York Daily News

13. The “Roller Massager” training tool would fix women’s “problem areas” by stimulating muscle contractions…

Source: Alfred Eisenstaedt

14. A precursor for today’s popular VR glasses…

Source: Reddit

15. Many inventions never took off because of how they looked. Like these life jackets…

Source: The Mystery World

16. Charles Steinlauf’s earnest attempt to create a family bike…

Source: Lifebuzz

17. “The Face Cone” was made to protect women’s make-up from the weather…

Source: Etsy

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