Farts: Here are 7 surprising and healthy benefits from passing wind

Even as a little kid, you have to learn “fart etiquette.” You absolutely don’t want to do it among strangers. Not only could it be a smelly one, but it can potentially create a bad mood around peers. No one wants to smell your farts.

But sometimes it is simply not possible to stop it. Regardless of whether you are lying on the sofa at home or at a luxurious dinner party, a sneaky fart might get out, sometimes making you wish the ground would open and swallow you whole.

However, passing wind is just as natural as breathing or eating – nothing to be ashamed of, even if it can sometimes smell a little bad.

Now, thanks to new studies, you can also claim that you are merely looking after your own health!

According to Medical Daily and thefartfacts.com, we fart between 10 to 14 times a day – and you let out most of them while sleeping.

The studies followed several men and women who had a similar diet. Surprisingly, it turns out that women fart just as often as men.

Below we list seven positive things that happen to your body after passing wind!

passing wind
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1. Feeling less bloated

If you have a stomachache after a full meal, a small fart can save the evening.

It’s never fun to feel bloated, especially if you can barely button up your jeans. It may not be dangerous, but oh so annoying.

Studies show that bloating happens when the body’s cells retain more water than usual, or when there’s gas waiting to come out. An effortless way to get rid of bloating is simply to ease the pressure inside our bodies by letting air out.

2. Passing wind is suitable for the gut

Do you remember when mom told you not to hold on to your gasses for too long? A good piece of advice that should still be taken very seriously. Holding farts for a long time can be harmful.

Of course, it is not dangerous to hold it just for a bit to avoid uncomfortable situations. Still, it can harm the gut if you are already suffering from digestive problems, writes Women’s Heath.

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3. A good warning

Farting is one of the body functions that you simply can not get rid of, no matter how hard you try.

Although it would have been nice to avoid it sometimes, you may be grateful when you realize that your farts can predict severe health problems.

Extremely bad smell, unusual frequency, and strange pain when you fart can be signs that you need to see a doctor. The symptoms can occur both if you are lactose intolerant or, in the worst case, be a sign of colon cancer.

4. Farts smell is good for you

Yes, you read that right, smelling your farts can actually be good for you.

It may sound completely crazy, but studies indicate that the pollutants we produce in our farts, like hydrogen sulfide, can protect us against future diseases.

Foul-smelling gas is toxic and becomes dangerous in large quantities. But it can still combat harmful cells if inhaled in small amounts, preventing future diseases such as strokes and heart attacks.

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5. Helps you with your diet

Everyone needs a balanced diet to be healthy, and your farts can give you hints of what you need. Different products produce different types of gas.

For example, if you fart very rarely, you may need to eat more fiber, while overeating red meat can give you very foul-smelling farts, writes Women’s Health.

6. The more farts, the merrier

Now you will get to know a slightly unusual truth: happy people fart more.

In other words, it’s a pretty simple way to feel a little better. Different foods can contribute to more efficient digestion, such as cauliflower, cabbage, and brussels sprouts.

According to NPR, these vegetables kick start your gut bacteria, and good digestion also means more gas.

7. It feels great

No one wants to admit it. But few things are as relieving as finally being able to release that colossal fart you have been holding on to for a while.

Walking all bloated can make you angry, short-tempered, and uncomfortable.

Did you know everything on this list? It was quite revealing to me, and even though I still think farting is something you do in private, I will definitely pay a little more attention to my farts.

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