People are turning president Trump’s face into a frog – and millions can’t stop laughing at the images

At this point in time, everyone is a bit tired of Donald Trump, even his most loyal supporters. Every time he gets close to a microphone or pulls out his phone and opens twitter, things get wild. 

Since 2016, he’s been our nation’s 45th president. His controversial policies and the way he manages our country with his underhanded and abusive methods consistently put him in the spotlight.

Surprisingly, Trump has somehow weathered all the storms that have blown up around him and his staff so far. Still, many people work hard every day to undermine the president. Spoiler alert, it’s not that difficult.

One of those who successfully went viral by satirizing our controversial president is the cartoonist/graphic designer Mike Mitchell from Austin, Texas. One day while watching TV, he noted that Donald Trump’s chin was astoundingly similar – to a frog.

Altered photos of Donald Trump

The fantastic discovery inspired Mike, and he thought it was time to get to work.

He picked several of the most famous Donald Trump images and painted a frog in the area of his chin. The results are so funny that I laughed for minutes. And still do when I see them.

No matter what your opinion about Donald Trump is, Mike Mitchell’s work is hilarious.

Spread like wildfire online

The pictures were an immediate success after Mike posted them on Twitter and quickly spread across the web.

Of course, you shouldn’t judge people by their appearance. But still, as a public figure, you need to grow a thick skin, it comes with the job.

Below are some of Mike Mitchell’s works.

On the cover of Time magazine

donald trump frog
Image source: Twitter

Donald delivering one of his speeches

donald trump speech
Image source: Twitter

Here, it seems he is having a hard time

Image source: Twitter

The Pokerface

Image source: Twitter

During his election campaign.

Image source: Twitter

Trump pointing with his whole hand during a speech

donald trump 5

Surely it was impossible to keep yourself from laughing after seeing these magnificent pictures?

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