Here are 15 of the worst jobs in the world – time to love yours again

The 15 worst jobs in the world – all of them are gonna make you love yours again

Because of the current pandemic, we find ourselves either working from home, working fewer hours, or worst-case scenario, unemployed. Hang in there, my fellow countrymen. This will hopefully be over soon. However, in the meantime, why don’t we look at jobs that no one would ever want to do? Maybe seeing other people’s struggle will cheer you up a little.

We all know there is always someone worse off career-wise. And as proof of that, we brought you a list with 15 of the worst jobs in the world.

Once you are done looking through this list – which we really recommend – typing all day on a keyboard won’t feel so bad anymore. I can guarantee that!

Certainly, your current situation has to be better than being a…

1. Target Holder

It sounds neither safe nor stimulating. Sure it will probably get you a few adrenaline rushes, but no thanks. In China, you can get this risky job – but apparently, this position does not include any health insurance. Maybe look for other jobs.

2. Food Taster

Yes, at first I thought this didn’t sound that bad – however, the job is more specifically dog and cat food taster. Not that attractive anymore, huh? This may be a career choice for those who are not very picky with their food.

3. Armpits Smeller

Some people put food on the table by smelling other people’s armpits – not really something I envy. The official job description is “Deodorant Tester”, but I don’t think it makes it any better.

4. Forensic entomology

Would you like to work with dead people? No, I thought so. Forensic entomologists research – and study – the life cycles of insects and arthropods found in deceased bodies. It is one of the most accurate and efficient ways to find out how long someone has been dead.

5. Sewer divers (in India)

worst jobs in the world

In some Asian countries, there is a lot to improve when it comes to protective clothing laws. This man works daily cleaning drains – to stop them from flooding the streets. Talk about a much-needed shower after work.

6. Elephant Inseminator

A tough job, but somebody has to do it. Check out the face of the man on the right. That poor soul knows that soon he’ll have to put on the plastic suit and “dive in”.

7. Cow Simulator

Apparently, it’s not enough to produce a cow replica. For the best results, when collecting bull semen, you try to recreate the movements of a real cow. It’s a bonus if the man behind the wheel is also confident and sexy.

8. Dildo Decorator

A tough task. It is important to make the glands, the veins, and the skin as real as possible. The details are important, but there are probably better jobs than dildo-decorating.

9. Telecommunications Technician (in China)

Both extremely difficult and tremendously risky. This job has it all – in a negative sense. I feel sorry for the workers, but these heroes are vital to society. We must appreciate them!

10. Fertilizer Expert

Disturbing, yet important. Your task is to collect feces from different animals. The stool is then tested to check that it’s free of harmful bacteria and parasites. The last thing you want is to damage the crops.

11. Horse food chewer?

Yes, you read that right. James “Bud” Williams from Carterville wants to hire a horse food chopper (or chewer?). This is a pretty old ad, but I guess the job is still free if any of you think very highly of your chewing skills.

13. Normal Scarecrow

It might not be so fun to stand still collecting bird shit on a field all day, but on the other hand, it can suit young people that just want to stare at their phones all day. Besides, it’s always healthy to get some fresh air. After all, there are some benefits to this job. Would I take it? Not for anything in the world.

14. Bathroom Inspector

Not a good job

Maybe this is not one of the jobs you dreamed of when you were little. However, not many positions allow you to walk around all day with feces and urine up to your knees. On the other hand, you will always have a toilet close by if you have to go.

15. Horse Semen Collector

worst jobs ever

Many say they would love to work with animals. I am one of them, but there is a limit to that statement. There is probably a good purpose behind this, but unfortunately, I can’t just see myself doing this particular activity.

Now I can guarantee that your next work session will be like a walk in the park! Press SHARE to give your friends a much-needed laugh!